Joining a cross-tenant video call stopped working recently

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Until recently I was able to start a Teams meeting that I'd created in my Outlook calendar (same email account as primary tenant) while my Teams desktop app was logged in to another tenant as a Guest (same email address). I did this as I need to share my screen with the meeting participants of the Team that I am a Guest of.


Recently (not sure when - say 2 weeks ago) I can no longer do this.


Now when I click Join, it says "When the meeting starts, we'll let people know you're waiting", but the others who join the meeting don't see that I'm waiting. Hence I'm unable to join the meeting this way.

The only way now to join the meeting is to switch back to my primary tenant, but then I can't switch to the tenant I am a guest in to do the screen sharing.


What has changed? Can it be put back to how it was please?


I've also posted about this in UserVoice: Joining a cross-tenant video call stopped working recently – Welcome to UserVoice!

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