Joining a call from two devices no longer possible

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With the arrival of the new year 2021 I am no longer able to join a private call from more devices. Group calls work fine, but on 1:1 private call it's not possible. Is it an intention or a bug?

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Hi @Orbit09, I could imagine that this behaviour is related to new feature announced by Microsoft, to transfer calls between devices.

For meetings, this feature is already in place. When you join a Microsoft Teams Meeting from a second device with the same username, the Teams client asks you if you like to transfer the meeting to the new device.




I do not have an answer for you but this is an issue for me as well.


We are moving from Webex Teams to Microsoft Teams and this is one of the first and largest troubles for me. Because my computer webcam is not working, I must use my cell phone for the video portion of my calls then use my computer for screensharing, etc.



This is a bummer- hoping Microsoft adjusts this so we may use multiple devices. Big loss for me and my team as I now have to leave video calls in the past in order to utilize screensharing on my computer.