Join Zoom Webinar from Microsoft Teams Room

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Is it possible to join a Zoom Webinar from a Microsoft Teams Room such as the Crestron Flex?

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@daveheil I guess that since a Zoom webinar is not a regular meeting for a viewer it will not be possible to view it from a MTR device, but I've not tested. Maybe @Graham Walsh knows more about this.

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@Linus Cansby Thanks for asking me about this.


@daveheil I've just tested it and it works fine :) Whether you are an attendee or panelist, you can join the Zoom Webinar from the MTR system.  Blog post coming up :)


@Graham Walsh Who else to ask, leading expert when it comes to MTR and working for Crestron. 

@Graham Walsh Thanks so much for testing this out!  The funny thing is Zoom and Crestron both told me it was not possible.  I am glad I posed the question here.  Thanks again!