Join button is gone in Teams meetings set up in a Channel

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Once upon a time we used to be able to join a Teams meeting that was set up in a Channel by going to that Channel when the meeting was running and clicking Join from there. For some reason that feature isnt working now. The Join button isnt there when the meeting has already started. You have to go to your calendar to find the meeting and join it instead of going to the Channel itself. That feature worked for quite a while, then it just stopped. I tested it and it didnt work for me either. Some web searches pointed to Time Zone issues (?) but I cant find any other reason. Was that feature removed or is there something else going on?
What is used to look like in a Channel when the meeting had started:


What is looks like now:


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Same, for me it only gives the option "Send Update" when I click on the recurring scheduled meeting in my Channel and never "Join", so I can't join the meeting until one of my students joins it and then a bubble pops up for an option for me to join? @4BobRandall 

@4BobRandall  This is a transient bug and is being worked on.  Please vote on the Uservoice item below to help push the process along: Join Meeting Button – Microsoft Teams UserVoice