Join button for non teams meetings

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From time to time we are asked to join/host meetings outside of teams… Webex, zoom, etc… is there a way to add a location to the teams meeting as a url… and then have the join button launch the external link? Or something that can got in the meeting body that will allow that button to be mapped to the new url.

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@Dipdill Typically if there is a URL in the body of a message (e.g. Zoom) then it should be clickable from Teams. You won't get a Join button, but can open appointments and click links.

@Steven Collier Totally agree... and clicking the links within the meeting will launch the browser just fine and open the appropriate meeting application.  Was thinking if there was a way to remap the join button to a link within the meeting body... or add the location as a url... then someone would just need to click the Join button without having to open the meeting.