Join a meeting in Teams by calling a phone number




our one of the customer not getting options of 'calling a phone number' to Join a meeting in Teams, when they are scheduling a meeting.


kindly suggest.




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Does the customer / user have an Audio Conferencing license?
The organiser of the meeting would need to have an Audio Conferencing license in order for dial in details to be made available.
Thanks Rob for prompt response.

my request is can you please share details of 'Audio Conferencing license'. i mean part code, or product details that what to procure etc..
According to your profile, you work for Microsoft - I find it concerning that you cannot obtain this information internally....

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Hi @Rob Ellis,


You need an Add-On licence of Audio Conferencing or E5 licence that have that add-on included.


What kind of license is selected to that user ?


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Nuno Árias Silva 

customer had procured Microsoft 365 Business Basic from India.

Ok @bhavindoshi,


Then the customer need to add the ad-on of Conferencing or upgrade de Microsoft 365 Business Basic to E5 to the users that want that feature.


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Nuno Árias Silva