join a conversation about a list item in teams does not work

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The ability to start a conversation about a list item in teams is not working properly , just trying to figure out if there is anything i can do or simply microsoft´s feature needs to be updated.


The feature itself is documented to be used with the Sharepoint App in teams. but from my experience since this was released the "link" created does not open the item view form but the list with all items. 


If i use the MS List app instead, this used to work as documented, but since 2 weeks now i get a black screen /white depending of your theme and nothing loads at all. nor the list not the item view form. 


anyone else having this issue ? any ideas ? 


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Same issue. Do you know how to report this bug as i'm trying.
As an admin you can open a support ticket at Microsoft, the admins of my company have done so but here is no yet a resolution.

Seems if you delete the list tab and add again with the list connector works again. But only list connector not the Sharepoint connector as documented.

I do home Microsoft come up with a fix instead of workarounds though
Hi. I'm having the same issue. Do you have the resolution already?
Not at all, always use the list app. when it breaks ( not happens often ) remove the tab and add it again.
SharePoint app does not work, for this as documented. nor have i seen a solution for that. we are telling users who find that article that Microsoft documented it wrong, and they should use the list app.

not exactly the best answer but is the only solution we have found.

@Daniel_Herrera_Germany I tried re adding the tab to the same SharePoint List and still doesn't work. :(