Issues with .zip files in Teams Assignment tool'm%20sure%20this%20could%20be%20seen%20as%20an%20improvement%20(!%22)%2C%20but%20in%20this%20case%20it's%20really%20unhelpful.%26nbsp%3B%3C%2FP%3E%0A%3CP%3E%3CBR%20%2F%3EDoes%20anyone%20know%20if%20there's%20another%20way%20to%20get%20to%20the%20file%20itself%20(e.g.%3A%20are%20assignment%20files%20stored%20somewhere%20else%20in%20Teams%20or%20O365%2FOD4B%2Fetc.)%3F%20I''t%20locate%20anything%20like%20that.'%20submission%20folders%20and%20then%20they%20appear%20in%20your%20File%20Explorer.%20I%20find%20that%20a%20much%20more%20convenient%20way%20to%20work%20when%20I%20need%20to%20access%20the%20learner's%20work%20for%20assessment%20purposes.%3C%2FP%3E%3CP%3EAs%20a%20quick%20How%20to...%20(for%20other%20interested%20parties)%3C%2FP%3E%3CP%3E1.%20Open%20your%20Team%20files%20in%20SharePoint%3C%2FP%3E%3CP%3E2.%20Navigate%20to%20Site%20Contents%26gt%3BStudent%20Work%3C%2FP%3E%3CP%3E3.%20I%20prefer%20to%20only%20sync%20submitted%20work%2C%20so%20go%20to%20that%20folder%20and%20choose%20sync.%3C%2FP%3E%3CP%3E4.%20Your%20learners'%20wor''
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We have an instructor teaching web design and using MS Teams for the class and to collect assignments. The students need to develop their websites, then package them as a .zip file and upload it to the assignment. This worked fine as recently as March 15th. However, now when a student submits a .zip file and the instructor goes to their submission, he sees the contents of the .zip file, not the file itself. There does not appear to be any way of downloading the actual file. 


While I'm sure this could be seen as an improvement ("Now you can see the contents of .zip files uploaded to Teams without downloading and unzipping them!"), but in this case it's really unhelpful. 

Does anyone know if there's another way to get to the file itself (e.g.: are assignment files stored somewhere else in Teams or O365/OD4B/etc.)? I've looked around for a setting in Teams that might tell it to not open .zip files, but can't locate anything like that.

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In the list of files press the ... at the end of the file, choose Download ?


Actually, there is no ... in the assignment review page. However, there is a download link in the top right corner that I apparently was overlooking. I also found that student submissions are stored in the "Student Work" library in the associated SharePoint site. However, digging down there to get there is kind of a pain.


Yes, digging down into the Student Work Library is a pain however ... can choose to sync your learners' submission folders and then they appear in your File Explorer. I find that a much more convenient way to work when I need to access the learner's work for assessment purposes.

As a quick How to... (for other interested parties)

1. Open your Team files in SharePoint

2. Navigate to Site Contents>Student Work

3. I prefer to only sync submitted work, so go to that folder and choose sync.

4. Your learners' work will now appear in your File Explorer and you can access it from there, if you see a cloud - it Is only online and you select it to download.

5. If you are accessing .zip files, you first download it, by double clicking on the file name and only then can you extract the files.

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