Issues with sharing options in a meeting

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in the last few days I experienced same issues with the sharing options in Online meetings from the windows desktop clients. Some users doesn't have the option to share windows and other doesn't have the options to share powerpoints from teams or channels. I try to disinstall teams app and clean folders without fixing the problem

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@Ugo Castellani Hello!


Disable the new experience Meeting in Teams configuration, i think it will solve your problem!


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Felipe Santos

@Deleted Thanks,

i did it and works and solve other issues too.

Anyway it is a bug as the new experience is not longer in preview,right?


@Ugo Castellani Yes! This feature have some bugs unfortunately :(


If possible, mark my message as a best answer please.


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Felipe Santos

@Ugo Castellani Hello,


You've marked your own message as best answer, not mine.


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