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I started using Microsoft Teams a few days ago. However, I am facing a problem since the very first day: when I try to join a call with my team I am not able to hear them (and they are also not hearing me). In fact, even though from my side I join the calls, they see me as "Calling...". It is really strange, because I can talk to a single person without any problem. I am talking with my company IT support, but it is not being helpful at all. Could somebody help me?


Thank you in advance, greetings.

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It seems like when you are making a Conference Call all the UDP Ports which are required to make a conference call is getting blocked by some of the application installed on the Laptop.


Can you please install the Teams Application on your then try to make a conference call and see. If the same is working it is for sure an Antivirus or a third party application is blocking the connectivity during the conference call.


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Satish U

@Satish2805 Thank you for the information. The IT Support also suggested me to install the Teams app in my mobile phone, but I also had to download another app to log in (Intune), but it has been impossible to me to link my account to my mobile phone.


How can I know the ports needed by Teams and which ports are being used by my laptop?


Thank you, greetings.

You can download the Teams Application from the respective Device store. Depends on the device you are using. You can install Microsoft Teams from the Play Store if you have a Android Device or from Windows Store in case you are using the Windows Device or for the Apple Device from the Apple App store. Post that you can check on the services if things are working fine or not. In terms of checking the port and other third party application can you please ask your IT Team to run only Teams Application on the Laptop and check in the Safe Mode. It should work seamlessly, With Regards, Satish U