Issues with Microsoft teams - video not working

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My Microsoft teams app is not working properly. (I have a windows desktop) When I try to video call through the app it comes up with a message of - Video not working. I have been in touch with the tech support team and they kindly helped me uninstalling and reinstalling the app, hoping to resolve the problem. However, the issue still remains. I have tried accessing it through the browser and the video call works fine - but not through the app. My case number is - 103862787. 

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. 



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Hi @Swati2020 


Check if your camera is in use:

To make sure you can use your camera in Teams:

  • Close all other apps that might be using your camera (like Skype or FaceTime).
  • If you’re using an external camera, try unplugging it and plugging it back in.
  • You can often save time and effort by restarting your device.

Make a test call:

To make a test call, select your profile picture, then choose Settings Devices. Then select Make a test call under Audio devices

In a test call, you'll see how your mic, speaker, and camera are working. Follow the instructions from Test Call Bot and record a short message. The message will play back for you. After that, you'll get a summary of the test call, and you can go to your device settings to make changes.