Issues with Microsoft Teams' Milestone App - Not Functioning Properly

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Hi everyone,

I uploaded the Milestones app to Microsoft Teams yesterday, but it appears to not be working as expected. When I try to use the app, I encounter the following issue:


  1. Description of the Issue
  • The app does not load properly,
  • I can't create work items or project
  • Buttons are not working

     2. Steps I have taken to troubleshoot so far:

  • I tried reinstalling the app at least 6 times, restarting Teams, or checking for updates. I believe I downloaded the latest release.
  • When trying to load it into Power App and see what happens there, I realized I see the message 


     3. System Information:

  • Microsoft Teams Version: 24152.412.2958.9166.
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro

I would greatly appreciate any assistance or suggestions on how to resolve this issue.

Thank you!

Franck O.



Milestones.jpgPower App.png

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@walidel05It looks like a service degradation.



I see that this impacts the MS Teams desktop client. In my case, I can access MS Teams, but this particular app is not working. Is this a known issue with the Milestone app currently?
Thank you for your assistance.

@walidel05There is another forum for "work item" button issue in Teams Milestone app. It might be related to permissions.