Issues with invatation link received

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I am about to begin a new training in the company I work for, and we will use Teams for this purpose.


The cordinator of this training, sent an invitation link to my e-mail. The thing is, the link can launch the Teams app on my Windows PC, but no message for joining the group is displayed. 


I have tried using the link with the mobile version of Teams (Android version), but a message is displayed saying that I am trying to join an organization that I am not part of.


I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if the person who created the link made same mistake. 


Can anybody help me with this issue? 

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So You are invited to a team? And is this team in your organization? In this case they should just add you to the team and it will show up in your team’s client! If you are invited as a guest you will receive an invitation email which you will have to accept. It sounds more like someone sent you an invite code to a team via email! In this case this doesn’t work with guests, only internal users! Sounds like what you are describing...In this case they need to add you with your email address to the team directly which will trigger the invitation email

That's exactly what happened. They sent me a an internet link, similar to The ones that's directs to websites.

I didn't know it Thais doesn't work. I guess, I'll have to contact my superiors.