Issues with External Guest access to webinar

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Hello all i am hoping i can get some advice on an issue.

I set up a webinar ( people in my Org only to register) and invited 3 external guests as presenters.

2 of the external people managed to join fine but the 3rd, the main guest speaker, kept getting a message saying she is not registered for the event. This was whilst the webinar had started

Couple of things to add, this 3rd presenter was added after the main invite was sent but in the meeting options for specific people - none of my 3 presenters names appear - just kept saying could not find a match

2 of the presenters managed to join just fine, even though in the meeting options they weren't selected  however they both accepted the original invite

Why was she asked to register even though it is set to only people in my organization?


The workaround was for me to send a std teams invite to everybody again - so ending that webinar and then started another meeting.  Bit of a pain as wanted the extra functionality of the webinar

I really have no clue as to what was going on, any help to fix this issue for the future would be great.


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As I know there's been some inconsistencies when it comes to Webinars, and even standard meetings, with the "Specific people" box though, I did some testing myself. Unfortunately those issues hasn't been dealt with. The whole experience is just confusing as one webinar differs from the other.


You should open up a support ticket too. Your IT admin can assist with that. I have already talked to the Teams team about it.

@ChristianJBergstrom Thanks, it is rather confusing especially as 2 external guests managed to get in as presenters just find and only 1 didn't   I shall speak to my IT and them to raise a ticket.  Thanks