Issues regarding the functions of MS Teams

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1. Can the owners stop the members from creating meeting rooms? If no, is it possible for the owners to end the meeting created by members?

2. How many video call participants will be shown on the screen when the host is using the share screen function?
3. There is a setting that the members can delete messages. Can the owners do the same?
4. How to change the guest into a member? In my case, I tried to remove the guest from the group and add her again, but the system defaults her as a guest.

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1. no, This is ruled by meeting policies
2. A little unsure about this at the moment.
3. This can be set both on a tenant level and team level by owners. Theres settings for ownder being able to delete others messages too
4. Is this Teams free version?

@adam deltinger 

4. The version I am using is free.

5. I've got one more question. Is there is any more indications for the one who is speaking (except bolding their names in the participant list)? For example, can we highlight the video screen of the speaker?

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6. May I also know how can I record the meeting? I can't find the recording button on the function list when I launch the meeting.

If you are an internal user and can’t see this, recording might have been disabled for you via policy