Issues Joining Teams Meetings

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I have always been able to join teams meetings easily on my MacBook Air, until recently...


I have been previously using my company email account on Hotmail to set up and join teams meetings, but now I no longer use this email account, i have gone back to my Gmail. When I receive Teams invitations on my Gmail, i follow the usual steps - joining the meeting without directly using the app - however instead of takung me to the next screen where i can join, it takes me to a microsoft page which asks me for my Hotmail account. The system seems to assume I am joining through Hotmail as previous - but for all gmail meeting invites I have to join through my phone.


Is there a way of fixing the process so I can join through my Gmail, as I used to do without any issues?



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@Alex_Fisher It's asking you to log in to a Microsoft account, before you were already logged in through email, but now you aren't.

Depending on policies of the people organising the meeting there may be an option to join the meeting without logging in, should be a link on the screen.