Issues join a meeting - Creates new instances of audio

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We have a recurring meeting, 5 days a week, 12:00-12:00 (24 hours) and we have allocated slots, for 2 people to join to run a digital clinic, open to 1k+ support resources, so they can drop in and get help on topics dedicated to different hours. but when 2 people are in the call sometimes, when the next 2 people come to take over, they join and then for the same meeting, we can talk in the same meeting chat, see the files etc but there are two separate instances of the audio for participants, like there are two meetings! 2 people from the previous meeting are still there waiting for the new people and the new people join on their own and can not see the previous people.. it doesn't always happen, but does sometimes! 

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@TomCEaton this is a great question we have came to the same issues where we had to setup a tech call for around 15 days one meeting 24 hours Follow the Sun Method globally and the Techs were online all the time from different locations and users had the meeting link they will hop on when they had questions and hop off When done.


so for the first 1-2 days tech will end calls and sometimes the same issues happen like yours so the solution was


The last Tech person has to stay once another Tech join he will take over the meeting this way we had 15 days successful of one meeting thread.


try this and let us know how it goes!!!!