Issues in joining the meeting while the recording in progress

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As we are having now online learning I am facing a problem while I start my lesson and start recording it some of the students couldn't join the meeting and it showing them that the recording in progress and there is no Join button to press it. 

Note: that I am not creating a schedule for my lessons were I am starting my lesson by pressing the meet button directly from the channel. 


 why this is happening or how I can solve it.



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Creating a channel meet now the student have to be a member of that Team that the channel resides in. Is this the case?

Thanks for your reply actually i already created a team and add all my students have been added as a member in the team but what is happening that if they join my first class the second one it's showing them that they can't join because of recording in progress. The thing is that's not happening all the time, but most of different grade levels having this issue. Unless i saw there message in the chat box that they can't join, then just i call them after that they can join my class.
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I’d report this and if possible create a ticket. Use the feedback options to as well

Hello, I also encountered this problem when trying to join my online class; is this problem fixed or are there any solutions? Thanks!