Issue with transferring to resource accounts

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I am trying out the New Teams App, and I found I cannot forward calls to resource accounts. I believe this is because the resource account is generated in a disabled state. When you try to transfer it rings but doesn't connect to the queue that it's associated with, it just states that the user is unavailable. So, I enabled the account, and it shows the actual name instead of Unknown User (like when someone's account gets disabled), but still doesn’t connect to the queue. I tried making a new resource account to see if there was a difference between old and new but no difference. All the test users on the new teams cannot forward any calls to any resource account associated queues. Is there something that I am missing to connect resource accounts to the new teams app?

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It's an known issue on our tenant. Get a MS Support ticket raised and get it escalated. It's a massive problem with new teams at the moment for us who are trying to switch our users onto new teams
Our org just upgraded to the New Teams client and it appears we are having the same issue. Did you ever get this resolved? I found if we manually create an Outlook contact with the phone number of the resource account the call transfer works.