Issue With TeamsUpGradeModes - TeamsOnlyUser VS SFBOnlyUser.

Maruthi Gadde

I have created two users and granted each TeamsOnlyUser and SFBOnlyUser Modes. Image1.PNG

1. SFBOnlyUser1 Initiates Chat to TeamsOnlyUser1 -  The Chat message comes though but the Message Shown to the TeamsOnlyUser1 is Wrong.Image2.PNG

 In the Top banner it clearly shows that the user is using SFB, however in the Bottom it says that the SFBOnly user has switched to Teams. which is wrong.


2. If SFBOnlyUser1 Attaches an image and sends it to a TeamsOnlyUser1, However the Image Opens up in SFB instead Of Teams, if the TeamsOnlyUser has SFB opened, else it does not show up. 


3. Emojis posted by SFBOnlyUser1  to TeamsOnlyUser1 appears as Text rather than the Emoji. Image3.PNG


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1. Have you changed the UpgradeMode for SFBOnlyUser1 recently? I could be some delay or that you just need to restart the Teams client for TeamsOnlyUser1. The message that you get is kind of confusing since it says both that the user is a SfB user and that that user switched to Teams.


2. Since you can't send pictures between Skype and Teams that is what happends if a TeamsOnly user is signed into Skype, I think it the same if you try to share desktop.


3. Emojis are not supported between Teams and Skype so that is what happening. You just have to learn that (y) is thumb up and :o3 is a dog.

1. I have upgraded the Modes  around 4 days back. Yes the message is confusing.

2. when sharing desktop by a sfbOnlyUser to a TeamsOnlyUser, the system creates a Skype for Business web link and send it to the teamsonly user


The issue right now with Skype Only mode, it's not complete. You can still launch Teams when it's set and if you launch it or have used it to send any messages from the SFBOnly user it's going to think that person is in Teams too, so that's I think why you get that message.

Skype Only mode when finished is supposed to not let the user start any chats etc.

That said, I'm going to assume you did access Teams from the SFBOnly user at some point? Even before you switched modes possibly?

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