Issue with Teams Video on main screen in app only.

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On the Main Teams app if I open a video call the app only shows their icon and not the video.

If I minimise the app or click on chat the video will be in a window but when I click on the video it will go back to just the icon.


This is only in the Teams app. If I use the web browser it works as it should I get the Video in the big screen.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it did not fix the issue, and this is also on other computers in our company.


The version of the app is which from what I can see is the latest as of this posting.


Anyone else had this? Got a fix or work around for this?


Please no reinstall comments as that did not work and one of the first things we tried.






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Hi, i have a same thing in my entreprise since the version, if i install the previous version, no problem. Please help.

We also have the same issue in our company. Rolling back to a previous version resolves this, but as teams self updates, it will just break again. Lets hope MS resolve this quickly.

We have found that if you schedule a meeting with the user the video works, just not with a direct call.
This just started happening to me in the latest version. It works in the small window, but not in the large.