issue with team not able to login teams

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Hello Teams Community,


Please i need your help on this.


i am unable to sign in to teams with my Domain account as shown below:
When i select the Teams Org I get a response "We are switching you to your other account. It'll take a moment" 








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Hi @IBN,


Have you tried clearing the cache? 


  1. Press Windows key +R and type in Run dialog box, enter %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams, and then select OK.
  2. Delete all files and folders in the %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams directory

This might help.


Hello @Adin_Calkic 


Thank you for your reply.

When we try to sign in to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. we get the below error:




My colleague later re-added me back to Admin role but I am still not able to access it.


I opened the link   but this refers to Teams for Business, I have the free Teams that comes with a Microsoft 365 for family, does this have a Global Admin?.

The colleague who opened our domain account is also not part of the Microsoft family account, so I assume I was invited as a guest.


@IBN , i don't get it really .. do you neeed to log in your account with app teams or the admin center ??