Issue with special characters using JIRA Server Connector

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we encountered an issue using the JIRA Server Connector in Teams.

When an updates or created issue has special characters (eg. " or /) then we get an Error 400 from Teams. After removing the special character the JIRA issue is published in the Teams Channel.

Anybody else ran into this issue?


Thanks and greeting,


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Hi @Soeren Korn 


Yes, Teams has restrictions on special characters. I have not experienced this specifically with Jira, but I have experienced it in relation to SharePoint where you can add files with special characters to SharePoint but not with Teams. 


There is several uservoices open for Teams to include special characters including:


I would recommend you vote for them to push them up the agenda. In the meantime, it looks like you will need to continue to remove them to allow posting of the the Jira issue in the Teams channel


Hope that answers your question.


Best, Chris

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