Issue with Microsoft Teams calendar invitation response when including channel

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Currently, if we include a channel when schedule a meeting from Microsoft Teams calendar, we do not have issues sending out the invitation to attendees.

However when user responds to the invitation by clicking on Accept/Reject. Instead of sending the feedback to ORGANIZER, it sends the notification to channel-name@companydomain cause the email delivery issue.

I think the problem is more on the Microsoft Teams side rather than Exchange server.


Does anyone know about this issue?

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@nkpham That is the correct flow. Iow, responses should be going to the group address. What does the NDR say? And what are you seeing in the mail trace when someone responds?


@SuleimanDC When users respond to the invitation, they got mail delivery error since the email sent to channel-name@companydomain which does not exist.

We do not using Exchange online but have separate Exchange and AD servers running in private network.


@nkpham There are a few articles online that documents the limitations and drawbacks with using other email platforms. Sorry, I do not have experience with this so will not be much help.