Issue Scrolling as a Producer in a Live Teams Event

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When I am a producer in a live teams event, I am unable to scroll down the live event screen to access additional presenters or questions in the Q & A field.  Any thoughts on what the issue could be or how I may address it?  Sometimes if I minimize my screen it can let me, but then this can also result in all my icons (Q & A, add a person, etc.) disappearing when I maximize again.


Thank you.

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Its not a matter of resolution? Have you tried adjusting the zoom setting in the Teams client settings?


@adam deltingerThank you.  I can definitely try to adjust that and see if that makes a difference.  Would this account for the icons disappearing though when I maximize again?

Don’t know, but I would try the zoom and also change resolution if that doesn’t help



we have also been having this issue in the last month or so too - as producers some of us are unable to scroll to see the full number of presenters, so can't send them live, unmute them etc (however some in the team still have all the functionality weirdly).


Opening the Q&A panel sometimes helps to produce the scroll bar but often have the same problem. Have tried to reduced scale settings to 100% (MS recommends 150% for this though!) and this seems to help put presenters on one line so no need to scroll but obviously makes it harder to view text etc. Surely I shouldn't have to do this to make it work though - does anyone have any other fixes?


Or more importantly can Microsoft resolve this issue please? Never had this happen to us pre December - we're running loads of Live Events with the current lockdown in the UK and really need this to work properly!

@FranD104 @palumboj I had the same issue, but I think I may have found a solution.
On my laptop (a Dell), the recommended screen setting is 125%. I changed it to 100% and now the selection area in Microsoft Teams (to select content or a presenter) works fine for me and I can scroll down to the bottom.

I'm not sure if this will be the solution for you, but it may be worth a try.  Just change the size on your laptop to 100% (in the settings of your laptop, so NOT in Teams) and pray... :) 

Thank you so much! I will definitely give this a shot.
I have the same issue, we were testing a teams live call with three producers and all of us had this issue.

Opening Q&A didn't help, but each of us had to share content and send it out, change the size of the Teams Live window and then we were able to unmute ourselves.

It will be a nightmare when we will have the real event of over 1000 people if this issue is still present then.

I checked my scaling settings from my computer, and they are at 100% instead of 125%, so no help there.