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Dear all,

I'm working with a new Dell (2020) with Windows 10 (updated) and all the Suite office 2010 installed, including Teams:

I'm facing several issues working with teams on random basis:

after 1 or 2 calls inside my company, teams crashes, and I've to reboot all the PC.

Crashes means that I'm not able to start a call, join a call or answer.

No issue with the mobile application

I tried also to uninstall teams and install again,

Do you have some suggestions.

Thanks in advance and BR,

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Hi @rgrossi69 


Thanks for reaching out to the community.  You can do one of two things.  

1. There is a small question mark on the bottom left hand side of your client.  Click this button to notify the team of your issue and log it. 

2. You can reach the support forum at and they will be able to look at your logs and potentially identify the problem you're seeing.