Issue adding new member to private teams group

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I've been trying to add a colleague to a private teams group, but she's not getting the invite. We waited 48h to see if it would arrive later on. Also both restarted our computer and Teams environment, but it doesn't seem to help.


And when I send her the link of the channel, she can't request the access as it's shown that the request is already sent. 


Is anybody else having this issue? Is there a bug at the moment? Is there a workaround?




Thanks in advance for you help.




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Is this an internal or external user (guest)?
In case of an internal user, an invite isn’t sent! Just a notification mail and the users should see the team in Teams. In case of a new guest user to your org, an invite is sent. If no mail is sent, ask the person to check their junk folders!

@adam deltinger it's an internal user. We work for the same company. Checked with her and she didn't get any email in her spam, neither can she see the teams environment present on her end. Just today I created a new team and invited members and all went smoothly.

This team in which I want to add her is an environment that I've setup in the past. Can their be a setting on her end that's preventing her to see the invite?

I'm experiencing the exact same issue. I'm able to eventually get them on the Team, but I can't add them to private channels. At first, the name won't even populate and it will just send an e-mail invite to join the team again (which they're already in) when attempting to invite them to the private channel.

Now that we know that we're not alone, can we report this to Microsoft in a way that they research it? I'm still new to this community. And don't want to start a general case via their support as it will be difficult to fix with 2 people involved I'm afraid.
Hi Did you resolve this issue? I am having the same challenge today.
Only members of a team can be added to the same team's private channel. just in case you're not aware. Other than that, it's probably a bug.
Yep thanks! Those bugs! sigh.
I just heard back from a user. I haven't tried this as yet. Upon investigation you had to open Teams in Sharepoint. There it showed that the people are added when you open a channel and you delete who is not supposed to be there. I did a test with another and they were able to see the contents even though in Teams (without going through Sharepoint) does not show any members.