Is there full integration with a task manager, through any provider?

Craig Smith
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Loving Teams, but the one really basic missing feature is to create a task tab within each team where we could quickly assign a basic task and track it.


For example (really basic stuff here) if I want to send a task to the dev team to look at a UX error and call a user: I want to assign it to the team, see that it been picked up by somebody and marked as completed, and by who and when. Likewise, I want to view all outstanding tasks.



1.  To-Do is a million miles away

2.  Wunderlist is going and doesn't integrate with Teams anyway (meaning, you can't view and interact with a list)

3.  Planner has no user permission control (otherwise spot on)

4.  Trello/Meistertask would cost too much, be out of budget and bring sophistication I don't need (and adds another processor which I'm trying to avoid)

5.  Tadoist doesn't seem to integrate with Teams (and same caveats as 4).

6.  OneNote could bodge it, but like Planner, no audit control over a task list.


Am I missing an obvious choice?  Wunderlist is perfect, but I want it within Teams.  






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We use SharePoint custom list with columns of that of a task list and work tasks out of that. Then link a tab to it. Then with it in SharePoint you get the whole use of Powerapps if you want to get deep with UI and or Flow to do certain things as far as notifications based on Task status etc. It's the most flexible by far IMO for task management. Most people try to use a task list but that isn't modern UI yet, so make custom list, the only feature you don't get is Outlook sync.

If you want dashboard, or much richer UI you can create a powerapp attached to the list to do pretty much whatever you want.


Once they release the SHarePoint Page tab piece 'll be much better. 

Thanks Christopher, I'll have a look at that - I don't really have too much experience with Sharepoint lists so I'll dig in.


I'm also hopeful that dev will add permissions for deletion of tasks/buckets in Planner sometime soon. 



Or at least a recycle bin :p

I know.  Nuts. 


It would be more than good enough for what I need with permissions, and tasks marked as complete in a recycle bin...

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