Is there any way to send a video's audio through Teams?

Mike Boehm
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We have someone who is putting on a training session for other employees.  Some of those employees are remote so we want to use a Teams meeting.  Part of the training will involve the trainer playing a video and I need to know if there's some way that the audio from the video can be heard by the people on the phone other than by the trainer holding a mic/headset next to their computer speakers and doing it that way.


Is this possible?


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Hi @Mike Boehm,

AFAIK it’s either this, or what has worked for me is to have the meeting in the channel, add a tab for either YT or stream and have the users play the video at the allotted time.

I would love to see the ability to do video through video calls! Uservoice open for it here

Best, Chris

@Mike BoehmAFAIK there is still no audio channel with screen sharing video. 


This has been something that users of the SRSv1 and MTR systems have requested in the past.  For the room systems, I have recommended using a DSP and mix both content and call audio together and then presenting into the meeting.  This has worked for a few large customers for years, but at times depending on content delivery latency might sometimes have a slight lip sync delay. 




@Mike Boehm there are two options, neither entirely great.


1. Load the video into PowerPoint, then present that by uploading it to the meeting and using the built in viewer. It can then be presented using the PowerPoint web app and video will work with sound.


2. On Windows 10 enable the sound device called Stereo Mix, this built in feature loops the device audio back as an input, so you can then choose that device as the microphone, so sending the sound through alongside screen sharing. 

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