Is there any way at all to show a badge for unread messages on the taskbar icon?

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One of the most infuriating things about Teams is that when I receive a chat message but don't see it, there is no way to know about it unless I open the Teams window. I have the "Missed activity emails" setting at 10 minutes, but it only works maybe a quarter of the time. Is there a setting that would put a badge on the taskbar icon, like a smartphone would have? If not, why is that not a thing? How could Microsoft fail so hard at this?

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Hi @iamjamieq  AFAIK, there is no way to indicate unread messages on the taskbar.  The best suggestion I could find is the first response in this prior post: Unread messages Tab in Teams similar to Outlook - Microsoft Tech Community


There are several Uservoice items related to separating out unread messages (folders, highlights, etc).  You might want to search "unread messages" on that site and vote for the ones that closely approximate what you'd like to see.



@ThereseSolimeno That is a serious failure on MS's behalf. Smartphone apps put badges on app icons for the same reason that Teams should. I mean, Outlook has the envelope icon (which, while broken and also insufficient itself, at least exists), but Teams has nothing. For such a large, enterprise-focused company, and what with the pandemic putting so much focus on Teams, I can't believe they would fail to add this. Anyway, thanks for the reply. 

@iamjamieq I'm super frustrated because I USED to get the unread notification badge but as of today it has stopped showing up. I keep missing important messages so my boss thinks I'm slacking or ignoring her. I didn't change ANY settings that would have caused this! I see things online saying "change the notifications to 'mac notifications'" but I already had it on mac notifications since this was an issue in the past. Nothing I've tried has worked... some random update caused this problem. I'm so tired of troubleshooting issues with Teams. It's always something, but never consistent. 

Did you get the back on the taskbar icon or the system tray icon? I can get a badge on the taskbar icon, but if I close the window instead of minimizing it, then I don’t see the badge. Microsoft needs to put the badge on the system tray icon.