Is there an App to Search and Filter team members based on skills, attributes, etc.

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I am currently exploring the possibility of using a Teams app or other programs to use as a data base for searching or filtering team members based on skills, certifications, knowledge, or even hobbies.  Are there apps available that would work directly with teams?  Similar programs that could be useful would be a more interactive organizational chart. Has anyone every heard of or used apps similar to this?  


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The search from does a people search - if you can get folks to fill out their profiles on the Delve app, all of that info will be indexed and help with the results in the People vertical of M365 search. If you wanted to take it further with refiners by this data, you'd want to look into the PnP custom search.


Please see MS Teams Expert Finder app from Microsoft.


As this is open source, you can tweak it as per the need.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for the information! I will direct my research towards your insights.