Is there a way to verify that Outlook invites were sent to all Team members for a channel meeting?

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We have a leader in our org that schedules channel meetings in a Team with ~145 members. The group associated with this Team is configured to "Send copies of group conversations and events to group members" which, if I understand correctly, should send an Outlook invite to all members of that Team.


When this user creates the channel meeting from his Teams calendar, he leaves the "Add required attendees" field blank and adds ONLY the channel in which the meeting takes place. However, he's concerned that these invites are not being sent to all members because in the Tracking section of the meeting details within the channel, there are only accepted/tentative/declined statuses for a small subset of Team members (which are listed under Optional). I had thought maybe that this gets updated as members RSVP but I did also see a user with an Unknown reservation which makes me question my hypothesis. Is there a way for me as an admin to confirm that these channel meeting invites are getting sent to members' Outlook inboxes without having to send out some kind of poll to verify whether or not they received those invites?

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