Is there a way to setup automatic AIP encryption of chat messages on Microsoft Teams?

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Hi all,  

Is there a way to encrypt Teams chat messages using RMS/AIP by setting up something in Microsoft 365? Is there some sort of a policy or configuration to achieve something similar? 

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No, RMS templates/Sensitivity labels do not support Teams chat/channel messages. What's the actual business need here?
Thank you Christian for the resources. DLP might be a solution. However, my understanding is that chat messages are stored in Exchange. Is there any config that we can do to AIP encrypt data as it is being saved to the Exchange mailbox?
Thank you, Vasil. You probably right, but what I am trying to do is a workaround. Microsoft Teams store its data in multiple places and chat messages are stored in Exchange. If there is a way to do encryption automatically before saving the data to exchange?

@ranirishmawi The chat storage is really in Azure, only ingested to EXO for compliance. You can also use sensitivity labels (AIP) but for documents, emails and containers.