Is there a way to search 'part' of people name in teams?

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In Malaysia it is common to have names like Nooraisyah. The specialty about these kind of names is that even if it is split into two - it gives 2 names. Noor + Aisyah. So we call this person either Noor or Aisyah.

Now coming to the real problem, we are used to calling this person Aisyah as it is unique to this person and Noor is common with many names. So I always tend to search 'aisyah' in the search box and it never returns any results. Teams can now only search the start of first name, middle name or surname. Is there a setting to change the way how search works or is there a workaround for this?

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Have you also tried with *in front and in back * so the name in the middle? Just a wild guess.

@paul keijzers Thanks for your response. I have tried using * and it doesn't work. % doesn't work either.