Is there a way to manage/configure tabs on the Left handside?

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I couldn't find a documented answer for this question: Is there a way to hide select left side vertical tabs (Activity, Meetings, Files etc.) through any means? I'd like to hide Meetings tab for a certain period and wondering if GPO, regkey etc. may be used.

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AFAIK, these are fixed and cannot be modified.

Best, Chris
No, unfortunately not

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Hi Ali,
as Chris and Adam pointed out there is not much you can do.

What you can disable in the bar is the chat icon via a messaging policy. This fits to Microsoft story to go "Meetings first" with Teams and use chat in SfB.

Regarding the meetings tab there is no way to disable it but you can configure the meetings policy to prevent the scheduling of meetings but the tab will still be there.


Thanks for the responses. UX is pretty funky even with policies, actually I tested this scenario out yesterday:

Say the user doesn’t have EXO license at all, the “Meetings” tab is still present there. When the user clicks on the tabs, an ugly message on the main window appears, which somewhat communicates the (un) usability of the tab however “Schedule a meeting” button stays available. Once that button is clicked on, a pop-up to setup a meeting appears.

Things are getting worse here: User can fill out the new meeting window and click on “schedule” and nothing happens. It blinks and nothing happens. Pretty terrible user experience right there. Popup doesnt go away, blinks once and stays until cancelled.

So my idea was lets hide the button out until user is license for EXO but seems that idea isn’t possible either. Sigh.