Is there a way to get an Attendance Report in Microsoft Teams for one instance of a meeting series?

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I can get an Attendance Report for an an individual meeting.  But for the meeting series I have scheduled, the only Attendance Report that appears is the Attendance Report for the first instance of that meeting.  For example, my meeting series is scheduled once a week starting 3/23/21 and ending 9/30/21.  The Attendance Report that appears in Teams is for 3/23/21 (first meeting), but no report for 3/30, 0r 4/7.

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As you can get an attendance report, I am presuming you have the feature enabled as per the PowerShell command - Set-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy -Identity Global - AllowEngagementReport "Enabled"


You should be able to get an attendance report during or after each instance of the meeting series. After the meeting it should appear to the organiser in the chat, but not necessarily immediately, you may need to wait a while.  You can also download it during the meeting from the participants list as shown below.


Screenshot 2021-04-07 at 20.23.10.png

@PeterRising and @ChristianBergstrom, thank you both for your replies. As I mentioned the Attendance Report for standalone meetings is working great. But for meetings that are a series, the Attendance Report that is attached to the meeting (even when I open up just one instance of the series, and it can be any instance within the series) is only the Attendance Report from the first meeting in the series. Both of these series were originated out of Outlook, I don't know if that makes a difference, and therefore the series was established in Outlook. But unless there is some setting behind the scene that has not been set, it seems as though for any meeting series, the Attendance Report will only be generated for the first meeting.
Hello again, thanks for your update. I just now tried creating a series from within Outlook, joined in Teams and Teams on the web as guest. Every time I joined and started a meeting and ended a meeting for all (no matter which in the series) a new attendance report was created. The easiest way to see these are by going to the meeting chat where they will be available for download (bear in mind it took a couple of minutes for each). I also verified that the downloads had different saved names and content (such as duration) in the Windows Downloads folder.

meetingAttendanceReport(test) (1) (only me)
meetingAttendanceReport(test) (2) (myself + guest)
meetingAttendanceReport(test) (3) (myself + guest)