Is there a way to embeed a Teams Live event or a simple Teams Meeting into an iframe in other HTML

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I was wondering if Teams allow somehow to embeed the meeting (Live event or normal meeting) into an iframe so I can display this in other HTML. My company is partner of Microsoft so I was wondering if there is any way to achieve this goal.


Thank you in advance.

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Not to my knowledge. Can you elaborate more on what you are trying to achieve here?

@Juan Carlos González Martín I'm trying to pubish a webpage with the content of a meeting for those who can attend the meeting but they won't participate as an active user, just a viewer. I know there is a Live event that allow this kind of interaction but only if you load this URL in the browser, the milestone is to embeed this URL into the iframe of my webpage.

Teams is about to get interoperability with Azure Communications Services.  You can probably do what you want with Azure Communications Services - plenty of stuff on youtube about ACS.