Is there a way to create notifications when a task is assigned to someone in Planner?

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We're using planner within Microsoft Teams to help organize some projects, and it would be very helpful if when a task is assigned to someone they are notified within Microsoft Teams. We don't want to have to @ someone in the team chat when a task is created. 

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You need to edit your planner settings in Planner and you can simply enable Planner notifications there

I think the issue is that Planner is set up to send email notifications to users, which are the notifications set in the Edit Plan option.



The ask (as I understand it) is to have Planner send a notification to the activity feed in the channel so that the folks in the channel know that someone has been asssigned a new task, just like Planner sends email to group members when this happens. 


You can set the plan to post to the channel, but that only posts that the new plan is created. 


Hi there, is there any way to notify someone that they need to action a task in a card by adding the @  

symbol and their names so that individual receives the notification only  and not the whole group on the card being notified, like on trello? Or can MS add this to their product as soon as possible it would make it much better instantly. Thanks

I created a flow using Microsoft Flow that triggered when a task was assigned to me. You need to hard code the channel but then you can post directly to the channel. Also you need for everyone needs to add this to their "My flow"


It's very rigid but it's a bandaid until Microsoft realise people that use Teams do not use Groups as well. 

I am faced with the same issue. WE are moving to Teams, planner, SharePoint and One Note exclusively for internal planning and communication. It will be nice to get all the notifications trough Teams for all the above and keep members of this group updated with progress without involving outlook. This should happen seamlessly in the background without tags or @'s.

It's not quite what you're looking for, but they did just roll out task-assignment and due date notifications in Planner. Now when a task is assigned, that person will receive an email with a link to the task, and the will also be emailed when a task is due, past due, or upcoming. You can get to your Planner notifications settings by clicking the gear in Planner and selecting "notifications".

The new notifications does save on having to @ tag in the channel, but I find I do it anyway so the user has two alerts!

Yes, we have this need as well. We want all the notifications to come through teams and show up in our activity feeds. The current options only allow for  email notifications and they're clumsy at best, especially when making new plans through teams (which just sets them up with default settings of notifying the ENTIRE team for every comment on every task in every bucket in every plan, and notifying NOBODY when a task is assigned or due... totally backwards). So that means every time we create a new plan from teams, we need to go over to planner and set up the settings, and each person individually has to turn off the EVERY COMMENT notification so their inboxes don't clog up... all that and we still don't get notifications in teams.

I've never used Flow - could you give a little more detail on how you did this? I would like our team members to be notified (not by email) in Teams when a task is assigned to them - is that what you did through Flow?

Actually, after looking at Flow I was able to create a Flow that would post to a channel in Teams when a task was assigned to me, but it still is worthless because it seems like I can only get the id's of the person who assigned me and the id of the bucket (though I can get the task title). Do you know if there is a way to give actual links that would work in Teams to take me to the task (also can I notify myself? I tried doing my user name with @ but it doesn't actually link)?


Here's a screenshot of the message I was able to create in Flow:


I have a flow that notifies me when I'm assigned a task, and include the link. This is what I use - you have to use a function. I think the below should work - just change the TENANTNAME to your own. You can get to the function through the dynamic menu - it defaults to dynamic content, but there's another tab for expressions- concat is in the string section.


They have the value assignments assigned to user variable you can use but it tosses back what looks like a SID and not the human readable user name

How exactly would you set up one's name in the function? FIRSTLAST? LAST,FIRST(MIDDLEINITIAL)?

Here's how you can get the display name of the person who assigned you the task. You need to add a 'Get User Profile' step and send it the ID that came from the original trigger. Flow will add a Aply to each section with the value assignments from the trigger.



This is a roadmap item and will come soon (if not already here) @Eric McCabe 

@Robin Nilsson Can I get the Plan name or ID to parse?  We have one group with 3 channels and in each channel there is a Planner App. I would like to send an @ message to the user assigned the task in the proper channel.


Also, is there a way to prepend the @ to the Display Name so the user gets a Team notification?





@sjcitpro The plan ID comes along from the trigger.



What you could do is add another action after the trigger 'List My Plans'. That brings back the name of the plan and the id - you could have an 'Apply to each' and check for matching ids, and grab the plan name into a variable. Use the variable in your message.


As far as @mentioning someone, I think that's new. You might have to use the 'post a message as the flow bot'. I've never tried, but I thought it was supported that mentions were honored. Supposedly its <at>emailaddress</at>