Is there a way to clean up the More Actions section of the elipsis menu in MS Teams?

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We have tested some ticketing systems, for example, and the support bots that are built in have created the tasks. We would like to remove them, but we're not sure how to do it. 




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To clean up the "More Actions" section of the ellipsis (three dots) menu in Microsoft Teams, especially to remove entries added by third-party apps or integrations like ticketing systems and support bots, I think you'll need to manage or remove these apps from your Teams environment.

Here’s how you can do it:

For individuals
If the apps were added by individual users:

1. Navigate to apps: Click on the "Apps" icon on the left-hand side of Teams to open the Apps section.
2. Find the app: Search for the app you want to remove. You can use the search bar or browse through the "Built for your org" or "All apps" tabs.
3. Uninstall the app: Click on the app to view its details, and look for an "Uninstall" option. Click "Uninstall" to remove the app from your teams.

For team owners
If the apps are added to specific teams:

1. Go to the team: Navigate to the team where the app is installed.
2. Manage team: Click on the ellipsis (three dots) next to the team name and select "Manage team."
3. Apps tab: Go to the "Apps" tab to see all the apps installed for that team.
4. Uninstall the app: Find the app you want to remove and click the "Uninstall" option or the trash bin icon next to it.

For Teams admins
If you're a Teams admin wanting to remove apps from the entire organization or prevent them from being added again:

1. Open the Microsoft Teams Admin Center: You'll need admin rights for this. Navigate to the Teams Admin Center (
2. Manage apps: In the Teams Admin Center, go to "Teams apps" > "Manage apps."
3. Search and select: Find the app or bot you want to remove or manage by using the search function.
4. Block or allow: You can choose to block the app, which prevents users from installing it, or if it's already installed, you might have the option to uninstall it. To block an app, select it, and use the "Block" option.

Cleaning up the 'More Actions' menu
The "More Actions" menu is populated dynamically based on the apps and services available to a user or team. By managing the apps as described, you can clean up unwanted entries in this menu. However, some built-in features and integrations, particularly those that come standard with Teams, may not be removable through these methods.

Remember, the availability of certain options and settings may vary based on the permissions granted by your organization and the specific configuration of your Microsoft Teams setup. If you're unable to remove certain apps or if the options described above aren't available, you may need to consult with your Teams or IT admin for further assistance.