Is there a way to change the default team chat at log in?

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I keep posting in the wrong team chat by accident!  I have some teams hidden, but each morning when I log in, it defaults to one of them anyway.  I don't wan to see any of the hidden ones unless I need to go in it.  Help!

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I'm actually having the same issue, not being defaulted to a hidden one but to a team I don't even participate in. Same problem using Teams on the web so not sure what's going on here.

Hi @tjk224 

Teams shows you the last chat you interacted with, during your last login.

If you don't want to see the hidden chats when you open the Teams, the only thing you can do is to - when you log out of Teams, navigate to chat that you want to see when you open it the next time.

Chats are not the issue here. It’s a team channel conversation.


I have seen the similar pattern on the Teams chat too. The last chat, you left before logout is shown during next login. 

Infact, generally Teams shows the last thing you left (be it chat, Teams channel, any app) at next logon.

Thanks for replying, but still this is our issue as it doesn't work as expected. For example, as I wrote above, I'm defaulting to a team chat I never participate in. And that happens in desktop and online as well..

@tjk224 So it seems fixed for me now by dragging some teams up and down (makes no sense) but after doing that I'm no longer defaulting to the teams conversation I never use.

As I had the issue using Teams online as well that wouldn't make any difference (and one of the first things I tried before noticing the same behavior in a browser).
Thank you for this. I thought the teams list was alphabetical so it always showed me the General chat on the first team at launch. I rejigged this so the first team is my main one and I now see the general chat for that at launch. MUCH BETTER.