Is there a way to automatically create a folder structure when creating new team?

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I have a folder structure that I replicate into the "File" (SPO document library) everytime I create a new specific Team.

Is there a way to automate this process, so that when I create a team, a copy of this folder structure (which are just 3 subfolders) gets created?


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This can be done with Power Automate. Although you need som trigger for this when a team is created. Normally this is done when you create new teams from a provisioning workflow with the teams themselves.

Since there is not a PowerAutomate trigger that detect when a new Team has been created or when a Channel within a Team has been created, another option you might have here is to automate the folders creation via code (Azure Functions, PowerShell Script automated in Azure)

@adam deltinger thanks.

your reply triggered good search content for me. I haven't thought about provisioning the team automatically. I was always thinking that the user would create the team.

This article seems to do a lot of what I need.