Is there a way to always open Teams meetings on the browser?

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I often switch computers, so I'd prefer not to depend on any installed software. Is there a way for the Teams meetings always open on the browser, instead of having to click the "Join on the web instead" button every single time?

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I agree, this is one of the problems I have with teams.  When you are in a meeting (using the desktop app) and want to mutli-task. i.e. Look-up files in other teams sites, the meeting screen is so small it is useless.  So I would always prefer to have a Teams Meeting open the browser so my desktop client is not tied down viewing and listening to a meeting. 


I add my voice to this call, quite annoying to click again and again.

+1 on this one - especially for Live Events. Currently, Live Event attendees are forced to view the event in a non-new-meeting experience, meaning if they want to chat, the Live Event pops into a little window at the bottom right of Teams. We either need a separate window for Live Events, or a way to add something like "?sl=" to a Live Event link like we could do back in the Skype for Business days.

We get a lot of user feedback on this one.

+1 on this as well.  It seems very clumsy for a web browser to open and then redirect to an app that the user may or may not have installed.  For me, TEAMS seems to be very GPU needy so I tend to not use TEAMS whenever possible.  For example, TEAMS conference calls ring to my cell phone so I can keep the TEAMS app from cluttering my screen and using GPU and CPU.  I'm more productive that way.