is there a need to update the Teams Machine-Wide Installer?

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As I could see there are different versions of the machine-wide installer.


I know that the Teams Client is a self-updating application. (


But how about the Teams Machine-Wide Installer, is there a need to update the Installer regularly?

If I download for example today the Teams Machine-Wide Installer and If I install it today, I have an Teams Machine-Wide Installer in Version 


If I download the Teams Machine-Wide Installer again 3 months later from

I have downloaded another / newer version. If I run the installer 3 months later again on the same computer, I have two Installations of the Machine-Wide Installer. (see Screenshot)


Is there a need to update the Teams Machine-Wide Installer regularly?


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Bumping this one. Machine-Wide installer doesn't seem to update when Office updates. With the latest message center update, MC245996, users are now getting a screen with a big button to Update Teams if they get a new-to-them PC that doesn't have a recent version of the Machine-Wide installer. Clicking this then sends the user to a Microsoft web page to download the app for desktop or mobile. At an enterprise where file downloads are discouraged this isn't great workflow. At least before users could click on their profile picture to update Teams to the latest version.

@David Phillips This information would be extremely helpful.....  Anyone?.... Anyone?....  Bueller?..... Anyone?......

I started a separate thread more specific to the machine wide installer question in this thread. Maybe it'll get some traction. We have also opened a case with MS Unified Support, I'll share what we find in that thread.