Is there a limit on the number of tabs a channel supports?

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I can't find information about the number of tabs a channel can support. I've done a test, and I'm at 26, but I'd like a solid number. 

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I'm not aware of a limit in the number of tabs that can be added to a channel

Awesome, that's wonderful news. Thank you!

i think what will happen if there are to many it will be come a "More" tab

We did some practical tests with our users, around the concept of lots of channels to keep things very organized vs. fewer/broader channels. We found that it became very confusing for users when we reached more than 7 channels.  More than 7, and they had too many places to look for things.  We got much better experience feedback by keeping the channels very broader & fewer. This may change once users are more exposed to and experienced with the Teams and Channels concept.

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I am currently at 56 tabs and I have been unable to create more. Theoretically I don't believe there is supposed to be a limit, but we have ran into errors.


All of my tabs are the same, Planner App.



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FULL-STOP on my channel-tabbing had me raise a case with O365 Premier Support. 



...our senior resources replied:

This is a by design behavior on Microsoft Teams. We only have 32KB of storage on each thread in Chat Service. When the total size of tab metadata on the thread reaches this limit no more tabs can be created. This is why you were able to create 64 tabs on your internal lab and your client was able to add only 75.