Is the search function in teams ever going to be fixed?

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It's been a long time now that our Company has been using teams and the search function has never worked.
We are now getting to the point that if it isn't fixed we will start to lose sight of critical information.
should we start considering an alternative (e.g. we also have a company discord server which blows away teams).

Is there any light at the end of this tunnel or should we give up on teams altogether? 

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Hi! I’m what way aren’t teama search working?

Microsoft search is being implemented into Teams soon enough as well

@adam deltinger So lets say I have had aconversation with a colleague running for a year now.
Ctrl + F ... search for a part of a document name and I get a list of results (eventually after a long delay).

that's where the "good" ends.

I click on a result item ... and teams either freezes, crashes, or seems to be thinking about what to do for seemingly forever.

If the colleague in question then says somethign in the conversation whilst this is taking place when it finally decides what it wants to do it results in just taking me to the new message.


If the colleague doesn't say or do anything the search still doesn't seem to take me to what it found.

It's like it's working on a fragmented index or something and taking me to the wrong part of it.

Classic example just today  was looking for a document we wrote about 6 months ago.

It fairly quickly found references to the document in our chat history but out right refused to take me to the results of the search when clicked on.


I've had this experience from teams since day 1 of using it ... it's never changed I assumed it was because teams was new when I first discovered it and over time just learned to work without it.

But given how I use the same feature in discord ... I'm starting to realise it's a MUST have feature the more history you have in the system.

It's also worse, the more history you have in the system.