Is my Teams working?

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I am part of a government organization that uses Microsoft Teams as a medium to conduct online meetings and training. I was told to make a Microsoft Teams account and the morning of our meeting a link will be sent to my email to allow access to the meeting. When I made my Teams account, it asked for me to input a phone number. I did and it said it was not associated with my Microsoft account. I talked to accounting department and supposedly got that issue resolved. I then was transferred to the Teams department. She asked if I was using teams as a corporate account or Office 365.  I said my organization was going to send me the link in the morning, but I do also have a 365 account. I also said they are going to send me a link to the email associated WITH my 365 account. And when I asked to verify if my Teams account is working prior to receiving the link tomorrow morning, she said I had to go to as my account does not support phone tech support. All I want to know is if my teams account is working correctly and that I will be able to accept my organizational link and get onto my meeting in the morning.

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Logon with the email address that the invite was sent to.

If you "made" a teams account, then that is personal and not the government account.

Thank you much! That definitely helped!