Is it really take time to update marks on Teams

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I have evaluated some quiz on forms  ;  the marks were appearing on MS Teams ;   i made correction in few question  now the marks are not got updated on MS Teams  what should i do, is there any  place i have to refresh to get updated marks.


issue in short words.  :  if we make correction in MS forms the marks not getting updated in MS Teams assignment section score sheet;  please suggest what to do.



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They should be! Try to reload the page in teams or just do a log out or something! If that’s not working remove and reads the forms tab in Teams


Thanks adam  i tried but it not gettiing upadted.  i dont understand why;  i can remove from ms teams as it got attendance and other office purpose evidences.  let me try after some hours.@adam deltinger 

The problem is still exist. @mijawidnazir