Is it possible to Update the sent adaptive card in MSTeam based on the Button in adaptiveCard?


I am using a bot service in MS Team , and i found that i need to update the sent adaptive card with respect to button on it. buttons respond to bot service so i am able to get context object  but can't attach new attachment with it so that i can update the adaptive card. So, is it possible to do so?
and Is possible to partially update the adaptive Card  based on button actions.?



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Thanks, @ThereseSolimeno. I am not using Microsoft Flow application for  sending and updating adaptive card. I want to do it using programmatically.  Where i need activityId of the sent card. So is there any other way to do without using activityId. because we need to maintain activityId for every message which is not feasible.

Has there been a solution to this Problem?

@mtr2k same question - did anyone find a way to do this without using Flow?  REST API or something?