Is it possible to tell who is muting who?

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I want to ask if it is possible to tell who is muting and kicking who in a meeting as there has been instances where students mute or kick other students. Is it possible to know based on a log or something?

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No, but it is only presenters that can mute and kick out others. So make sure only the correct participants are presenters in your meetings.
So even the presenter and the admin cannot see that information? Absolutely no one?
No, no one. Maybe if you contact Microsoft support they will be able to see something in some log but I doubt that they will be able to help you with that.

If you want this you can start a uservoice request asking for a log feature that shows who muted who.

@Linus Cansby why it isnt posible

No sure why, but I can see two reasons. It could be of privacy reasons or the most likely, there is not enough requests for this feature for Microsoft to develop it.



This is just one of the many shortcomings and design limitations of this application. I really hope they take feedback on board.


@l_qdr It is frustrating that the only way you can prevent this is by making students attendees. As a teacher one has to keep making presenters of pupils who want to share their screens to ask questions and the process is so tedious, it is not just a one-click option.

Please upvote the suggestion for a call activity log, maybe Microsoft will make it a priority.


That is not true. Participants can also mute other participants in a Teams Meeting @Linus Cansby 

@CodyMike Everyone in a meeting is a participant, then they can have one of the roles presenters or attendees. Presenters can mute others, but not unmute them, attendees can't mute anyone else but themselves.

I think you mean "kicking out" not "kicking". There is a BIG difference between kicking someone and kicking someone out lol.