Is it possible to setup a single Team for use by MANY different organisations?


Good morning Teams community!  One of our clients is part of a multi-national group of firms (100+), each with its own IT setup / domain, with many on Microsoft 365.  Most are familiar with Teams and using it in their own organisation.  They'd like to setup a central 'hub' where they can all collaborate and Teams is the obvious choice.


Is this possible without a huge amount of user administration?  One of the firms could setup a Team, but presumably they'd need to add all the individual users who require access from across all of the other firms as Guests in their own tenant to be able to access the Team?


Does anyone have any ideas as to whether it's possible to setup a Team which either a subset or all users from all firms could access and use please?  I've drawn a blank on how to solve this one!

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Not possible currently, sorry. Guest access is the closes you can get.

Thanks for confirming @Vasil Michev .  At least I wasn't missing something in my thoughts.  I guess it's back to the drawing board for suggestions as to what the best collaboration solution might be for a multi-national group of separate firms.  If anyone has any ideas I'd really appreciate it.